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I was born in Buenos Aires in 1971, where I grew up and have lived my whole life. I studied interior design at the Buenos Aires Women's Library and spent many years designing spaces, where I specialized in murals and paintings for homes and businesses.


I acquired my artistic training in workshops of artists such as Mariana Guerrero, Carolina Antoniadis, Eduardo Stupía (UTDT 2016), Bernardo Ezcurra and I am continue to develop my artistic skills in Fernando O'Connor's workshop.


I participated in the BADA fairs of 2014, 2015 and 2016. I also participated in group exhibitions, such as: Supercolectiva, in Galería Mar Dulce (Nov 2018), Alquimia 3.0 at Arte en Miñones (Aug 2018), One Hundred Women for Women at Milo Espacio de Arte (Oct 019), Gallery Nights at Solsken (Jul 2019), Collage at Arte en Miñones (Oct 2019), Panic Attack at Espacio 1314 (Nov 2019), Fuerza at Milo Espacio de Arte (Mar 2019). I also participated in artistic fundraising campaigns for NGOs such as: "Todo por 2 pesos", NGO Haciendo Lio (Jun 2018), "Pallets de vida" by Fundación Zambrano (2019), "Fashion Belt" by the Asociación Conduciendo a Conciencia (Nov 2019), and "Give me those 5" from the NGO Haciendo Lio (2019).


My art has always had a very strong connection with nature. I have painted series of birds, dogs, insects, plants and trees. Nature has a greatness impossible to replicate, but in my drawings and paintings I try to capture the essence and unique expressiveness of each one. I like to give life to my drawings through mixed techniques on discarded and upcycled materials.




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